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Genuine Rudraksha
The various methods to know genuinity of Rudrakshas are suggested as follows:
  • Central hole or Rudraksha should be natural. It is preferred to purchase fruit and peel out the outer pulp and get original Rudraksha
  • When original Rudraksha is kept in between two clean copper coins it will slightly tilt (movements) due to magnetic effect.
  • When Rudraksha is kept in milk, milk will not be spoiled for longer period than the normal time
  • When Rudraksha is kept in water, atter few hours little heat will be emancipated and the colour of water will change slowly
  • When Rudraksha is put in water it will sink but as it grows old it will start loosing its its weight and also the sinking capacity slowly.
Duplicate Rudraksha sellers practice in such a way that they will show slight movement for even duplicate Rudraksha by their hand tricks. Slight changes in the above test results will be found depending on the age of Rudraksha and also due to other situations.

Hence it is always safe to purchase Rudraksha fruits from Nepal or Rudraksha Therapy expert doctor.

Rudraksha Color And Varieties:

Rudraksha are available in various colors and varieties. They are mainly available in four colours:
  • White
  • Honey colour
  • Black and
  • Mixed

Rudraksha Family:

Although there are 25 species of Rudrakshas family available all over the world, mainly 4 types are:
Commonly available which are as follows:
  • Rudraksha ( Round shaped)
  • Bhadraksha ( Oval and flat shaped) (Badam);
  • Roudraksha (Long and semi round shaped ) and
  • Saadraksha ( Shubhaksha) (Smaller size)

Parts Of Rudraksha

According to Rudraksha Upanishad Rudraksha’s Face is Rudra. Navel is Vishnu and the Base is Bragma. When Rudraksha is kept in poojs we should take proper care that Rudraksha resets on bottom part (Base).