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Rudraksha Remedies

Rudraksha Remedies:

Rudraksha is a herbal drug having the most valuable medicinal qualities in it. When Rudraksha dried fruit soaked in water for 9 hours and the outer pulp peeled out ( cover) Rudraksha seed (bead) will come out: In olden days the Rudraksha treatment was given by only Sadhus, Sanyasis, etc., who kept their mode of usage in utmost secrecy to their cult only. It was very difficult to collect the details. We tried our level best to collect the information as much as we can, from various sources and presenting them to you for the usage by one and all to gain the best possible health care and diseases curing and to propagate this system to your friends and relatives also. We conduct training to needy and interested.
  1. Generally Rudraksha medicines are most effective as preventive and curative but one must them for not less than 40 days or a Mandalam, as any other Ayurvedic herbs this is also works from the root levels of the diseases to eradicate the diseases and also normalizes and balances Tridosha and Sapthadhatus.
  2. It is always better to use internally on the expert advice and guidance from Rudraksha Ayurvedic doctor to get perfect results. The period of treatment and the time of getting the beneficial results mostly depend upon the age of the patient, chronicity of the disease, suffering with side complications if any. Regular, healthy diet and social habits along with the permanent physical changes occurred if any and also the amount of co-operation a patient getting from his family members and followup action on advises gives and change of medicines made from time to time by the attending rudraksha ayurvedic doctor are also important factors.
  3. Continuous wearing of Rudraksha malas or necklace relieves the depression, mental tension, activities the central nervous system, controls the blood pressure, builds up the self confidence and cures certain skin diseases and positive gains in the profession.
    Rudraksha mala wearing along with Tulasimala or mala made of Rudraksha and Tulasi beads alternatively is found to be very much effective in TB and Lung diseases, Asthma & Breathing troubles.
  4. By constant seeing the Rudraksha at the time of Sun rising in the open air and also touching it to the eyelids improves the eyesight and cures early stage of Cataract. It should be done for more than 90 days.
  5. Rudraksha can be purifies by soaking them in the coconut water for one hour. The purified Rudraksha powder ( 2grams) added with ½ gram of Coral Bhasma mixed with honey and applied on tongue for 18 days daily, cures various tounge ailments like numbness, shaking, burning sensation, cracks and also tastelessness, after applying this medicine nothing should be taken for 30 minutes.
  6. In cases of Insomnia, 1 gram of Rudraksha Bhasma +1 gram of Swarnamakshik bhasma is to be taken twice a day for 18 days with buttermilk or butter. During this period hot edibles and hot drinks should be avoided. Fast walking in the evening helps more for speedy results and gets sound sleep.
  7. In cases of early stage of epilepsy, purified Rudraksha Churnam (1gram) mixed with 2 gram of saraswathi Churan, taken 2 times a day for 90 days gives good result. Fish, prawns and  pickles should be avoided during the treatment period.
  8. For the tongue cracks, tastelessness, heaviness, Rudraksha decoction’s gargling is found to be very effective increases the appetite.
  9. Nine Rudraksha boiled with 200ml Ginger Oil (Til) + 90 Tulasi leaves for 30 minutes and filtered --- is warming up and applied on chest for cure of pneumonia and chest pains of spasmatic nature.
  10. Mixture of Rudraksha powder and akkalkarra powder in equal quantity with honey rubbed on tongue gives clear and good voice and removes tongue coatings.
  11. In cases of knees swelling and other joints, Rudraksha powder mixed in equal quantity of seethaphal leaves powder along with lukewarm mustard oil application on affected parts gives you good results.
  12. For nervous weakness equal quantity of Rudraksha Churna, Pearl Bhasma and coral bhasma 2 grams given internally daily yields better results.
  13. In dowsing method of treatment, chaturmukhi Rudraksha are put in a cup of boiling milk and the milk should be drunk after it gets cooled down and Rudraksha are taken out. This milk should be taken before going to bed and repeated for 3 months. The beads taken out of milk should be washed properly and kept safety away from ants and house flies daily.
  14. In chronic cough especially with phlegm ( Kapha), Rudraksha rubbed paste along with Tulasi dry stem paste mixed with honey can be taken.
  15. For cure of high level cholesterol in blood, a cup of milk boiled with one Rudraksha and one Garlic (Piece) may be taken regularly for 3 months. After boining the milk take out Rudraksha while garlic piece is consumed along with the milk.
  16. 3 seeds of Rudraksha soaked over-night in one medium size glass of water along with one garlic piece take for 60 days cures the heart ailments.
  17. Rudraksha soaked in a cup of water over night and a habit of drinking this water early in the morning on empty stomach keeps the blood pressure normal.
  18. Rudraksha paste with Neem bark paste in equal quantity mixed with honey and used internally gets excellent results on small pox and chicken pox.
  19. If Rudraksha paste 2 gms, mixed with 2 gms ginger juice and used in small quantity internally once a day normalizes the digestion and increase the appetite.
  20. 2 grams of Rudraksha powder mixed with honey and taken daily after food is a general tonic ( 90 days is a course ) can be taken for further period.
  21. Rudraksha powder mix with sufficient quantity of honey and made as lehyam will cure numbness and tones up nervous system.
  22. To avoid bad dreams it is practiced to keep Rudrakshas beneath the pillow, with full confidence.
  23. For burning sensation of eyes and conjunctivitis use Rudraksha eye drops. When Rudraksha is kept in rose water for one hour it becomes Rudraksha eye drops.
  24. Keep the shanmukhi Rudraksha in a cup of boiled milk during night and drink before going to bed after milk gets cooled and Rudraksha taken out from the milk for 40 days. It corrects the mental weakness and improves memory power and general health.
  25. Rudraksha also helps in purifying the water when it is kept in the water pot for an hour.
    For black spots on face Rudraksha paste with sandal wood powder mixed well and applied externally on the spot yields good results.
  26. For head ache, application of Rudraksha and dry ginger paste is found useful.
  27. In kidney dysfunction ( Nephritis) five Panchamukhi Rudraksha tied in copper wire and kept in cleanly washed copper vessels of medium size filled with water of 4 glasses and used regularly will give good results in controlling the disease slowly leading slowly leading to recovery.
  28. Wearing Rudrakshas of Chaturmukhi, Panchamukhi and Shanmukhi on full Moon ( Purnami) and no moon ( Amavasya) days is believed to be useful against evil.
  29. Spirits and oil omen wearing amulets made from Rudrakshas are beneficial.
  30. 2 grams pulp powder of Rudraksha mixed with vavili leaves churna of 3 grams can be used internally for the treatment of rheumatic arthiritis and typhoid.
  31. In cases of Bronchitis in children Rudraksha powder (1 gram) mixed with honey given internally every hour helps in bringing out the phlegm ( Kapha) by inducing vomitings.
    Rudraksha seeds and papaya seeds necklace prepared with copper wire, when worn, prevents cholera.
  32. For self control on over or excess of emotions Rudraksha should be worn above the waist level.
  33. In certain mental ailments, wearing Rudraksha kireetam or sitting beneath Rudraksha mandap for a prescribed time and period will give excellent results. This has been a practice at Rudraksha matham at Sri Sailam, and Shiva temple, at Robertsonnet Machilipatnam and at Warangal also.
  34. Rudraksha Vibhuti can be applied on the body whenever required by patients to keep warm up and also for relief of numbness (not below the waist).
  35.  Rudraksha kantamala around the neck will ease breathing trouble. Rudraksha mala long enough t touch the heart region works well on heart problems.
  36. In uncontrollable cases of high blood pressure the wearing of 18 beads of Rudraksha on each arm and 9 beads of rudraksha on wrist and 108 beads Rudraksha mala on chest region gives wonderful positive results.
  37. Rudraksha ring pulp finely grinded with Swarasa of Vasa and Tulsi and kept in Kharal for one night and next pills are used to cure disorders in children like indigestion, gases, watery green motions, stomach pain etc.
  38. There is a firm belief that for safe traveling Rudraksha is worn before journey starts and foreign trips and also at the time of starting new business.
  39. It is also standing belief that bath with Rudraksha water is good and energetic as Ganga water bath.
  40. Rudraksha and Sandal wood paste applied on eye lids at night will cure sticking of eye lids and watering of eyes.
  41. For Rheumatic Arthritis, paste made with buttermilk containing two parts of Rudraksha powder, one part dry ginger, one part pepper and one part of pippali is found useful.
  42. In some cases it is found that plates having two magnets on front side and Rudraksha in centre, are used for full both hands rubbing on them as acupressure for the cure of many diseases.