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I wish grand success for our fellow members of Central Council Of Indian Medicine, government of India. Dr. K Satyanarayana swamy’s research on Rudraksha the king of herbs, medicinal usage externally and internally for the best benefit of suffering humanity on global level.
KaviRaj Om Prakash
Hon. Ay. Physician to president of India
I had best experiences of Rudraksha. I also want to get benefit to our people with knowledge of using Rudraksha for health care of the society with your ( Dr. K.S.N. Swamy, Director, Rudraksha Ayurvedic International) co-operation in my country the Turkey.
Reiner Szcypior
“Seferihisar” Izmir - Turkey

Rudraksha therapy is a great treasure for the welfare of the mankind. It is a part of the rich cultural heritage of India in the field of medical sciences. I congratulate the researcher and experienced  practitioner Dr.K.S.N Swamy.

His Excellency Sri Krishna Kant
Governor of Andhra Pradesh
Late Vice- President of India Govt. of India.
Rudraksha is beneficial for human race and nature itself to save it from disturbances and destructions brought about by the greedy human. Thus Dr. K . Sathyanarayana Swamy’s Rudraksha Therapy is a must for every body’s best health, wealth and prosperity.
PTS Jentri
Rudraksha Forum, Jalan Mlinjo, Indonesia
Rudraksha, as we known is the rosary of saints has a superb medicinal qualities and helps in correcting the planetary positions. I compliment and bless Rudraksha Ayurveda. Dr. K. Satyanarayana Swamy for his outstanding research and propogation for universal peace & health.
His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Jagatguru
Pushpagiri Shankaracharya
In our ancient culture doctor is treated as god “ Vaidyo Narayano Hari”, spiritual and medicinal values of Rudraksha are known to Indians since very long. I wish all success for the noble efforts of Dr. K . Satyanarayana Swamy for his research and service to humanity.
Hon’ble Sri N.T. Rama Rao
Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh
Rudraksha no doubt is a bead and is born of a plant but it is also a herb very useful for the health of body, mind and spirit. Dr. K. Satyanaraya swamy has a distinguished career as a practitioner in Ayurveda, the ageless system of medical science. He has brought for the common man his research on Rudraksha Therapy in a book form, he and his work deserve a popular acclaim.
Hon’ble Sri P.S. Mishra
Chief Justice: High Court of A.P
Dr. K. Satyanarayana Swamy’s (Rudraksha Ayurveda Ashram) long standing human health care welfare services on responsible positions in organization like Jaycees ( International ) Y’s Mens International, Lions International, Masonic International Brotherhood, Service Civil International, Friends international Association are themselves his achievements and distinctions. In Dr. Swamy’s family tradition his respected mother smt. Kyatham Balamma used to give Rudrakshas to devotees for around progress on Mahashivarathri days. Later Dr. Swamy’s research of Scientific method of usage of Rudraksha as – SUPER NATURAL & WHOLISTIC MEDICINE i.e. Founder of Rudraksha therapy deserves universal recognition.
Lt. Col. HK Shepherd (retd). FRGS
Kathmandu - Nepal